Debut Album "Burn and Suffer" released / Mortificy new Website !

Debut Album "Burn and Suffer" released / Mortificy new Website !

Hello brutal sick metalheads! Welcome to our new website. We did it in a total DIY way, specially to annouce the release of our debut album "Burn and Suffer", and to get started a new chapter of Mortificy’s history. 

As some of you may know, we, Mortificy members, are not living anymore in the same country. Marcelo Silva, Robson Mariano and Marcelo Viana are living in Manaus/Amazon/Brazil, while I, Daniel, am living in north Germany.

Anyway, after a long time, with the support of our friends, bands, and specially the Mexican label Iron Blood & Death Corp, finally we have released our Debut Album "Burn and Suffer". Despite the distance, we will keep our activities, keep composing extreme riffs & stuffs, and working in all possible ways. I'm planning a trip to Brazil already next December, so we hope to have news regarding gigs very soon too.

"Burn and Suffer" is being distributed worldwide, you can easily get it here: /

For distribution in Brasil or Europe, just drop us a line at our e-mail. 

We also would like to announce that we have another 4 Track EP already recorded and ready to be released, so we hope in the soon future to find partners and release it too. 

One more time, welcome to our website. There's a lot of pictures, flyers, some videos and an updated biography, so we wish you some fun. 

Find us at facebook to be always updated:

A new chapter of our history has begun. Stay in Brutality!


All best wishes, 


Daniel Silva & Mortificy Brazilian Brutality




Check out the track-by-track Album Preview below:








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