Infamous Hordes of Chaos

Infamous Horde of Chaos.
(Lyrics: Robson Mariano - Music: Daniel Silva/Robson Mariano)

In the mud trenches the cold of death
Advancing in your scheme then of Satan’s war
Hiding the politicians in the darkness of hell
Decapitated for the hatred

Attack the defamation
Scape in suffocation
For the devastation
Afflicted by the desolation
Possessed by extreme...
...carnage and immolation
We hold its dismal shades
Marching for the morbid army

Agonizing lepers waiting its time
Growned for the blood of deceased
In the battlefield reigning the chaos of creation
Desolate soldiers dismember for holocaust
Where the pure blood mystifiers the desire
Reverence in ominous empire

Infamous horde of chaos
In viscera of the perversity
Spreading all this terror
Gushing of the souls for eternity

Bloodthirsty announcing the words empty

Sunrise come back under unholy fire
Soldiers with your weapons in obscure desire
In deadly trenches of the profane empire
The rebirth of chaos follows in way of sacrifice
When the glory will be dominate your mind
Where the flagellate enemy’s stay in peace or in holocaust
Thus I follow way of perdition in a crag claimed the nephasth
The own body is a blasphemy for cunt in bombastic