Desolation of the Religion

Desolation of Religion
(Lyrics: Robson Mariano / Daniel Silva - Music: Daniel Silva / Icaro Freitas / Robson Mariano / Marcelo Silva)

Blessed by sacrifice ritual
Kingdom of bloodthirsty horde
Useless prays and cries
Opening obscure gates of hell
Vomiting your souls for the eyes
Dominating with steel and blood
Predictive of holy bible
Defying unholy prophecy
In the legion of the Calvary
Mummifying it holy writes
In the blood temples of lust
The infestation of malevolent spirits
Dominating Christians first
Immolated for the destruction
For the flame of black purification
Leading followers to execution
Corpses united by massacration
Desolation of the religion
Disgrace around world
Souls becomes fire
Crosses toward hell

Dethroning your god of defamation
Raising the pagan vengeance
Victory of satanic kingdom